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Emerald Surf Sciences offers leading-edge technology for monitoring and managing fluid systems for production interventions and new completions that maximize efficiency and provide essential data-driven metrics to our customers.  ESS’ team of engineers, scientists, and subject matter experts has an unrivaled resume for delivering highly efficient and optimized solutions to the tough challenges Oil and Gas Operators often deal with.


Emerald Surf Sciences (ESS) was formed in 2009 on the premise of enhancing technologies and real-time data usage to drive more efficient solutions for production and completion operations. Our experience with working with wastewater remediation led to the discovery and development of the highly efficient low-viscosity fluid systems for post-frac completions in late 2011. This service line was introduced to the market in 2012 via our direct inject, data-enabled chem-ad units called FRCS (Fluid Rheology Control System) Units. Combined with specialized designed-for-purpose chemicals, this service helped dozens of Operators realize huge savings and efficiency gains in the post-frac completions. The service line grew quickly, with ESS’ fleet expanding to over 40 FRCS units to support operators across every major US basin by 2014. Our commitment to continuous improvement led to the next generation of FRCS units, with the entire fleet of ESS equipment being live-data and auto-dose enabled by the conclusion of 2014. This new technology upgrade initiative coincided with the launch of OpsViewer, ESS’ live data visualization, and collaborative workspace platform.  OpsViewer offered users the ability to make data-driven, real-time project management decisions, as well as provided analytics, statistics, and critical job context for better decision making and even more efficiency gains.  Enhancements to OpsViewer are continuously being added, including its availability as a 3rd party platform in 2018 and expansion of the data sensors and channel options in ’19, ’20 ’21, and ’22.  The FRCS technology is still evolving today, and ESS’ technological tenets and high standard of service quality always remain consistent.

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The capacity of OpsViewer to visualize all of the job site data for both coiled tubing and workover rig projects created the opportunity to bring a new approach to remediation and production interventions, as well as new opportunities for enhanced fluid system development, especially around interventions in low bottom hole pressure wells.  In 2020, the patent-pending HydroLyft technology was deployed, a culmination of the technological foundations established by over 10,000 jobs with FRCS, OpsViewer, and our Chemical engineering expertise. HydroLyft is the first completely on-the-fly structuralized microfoam delivery system.  Since mid-2021, HydroLyft has been proven applicable in every major US Basin. The multi-faceted HydroLyft service offering, which encompasses both proprietary equipment and chemicals, is in a performance class of its’ own.  HydroLyft provides Oil and Gas Companies the mechanism to produce the cheapest incremental barrel of oil or molecule of gas from their existing inventory of wells when considering the economics, ESG, and water conservation comparison with other means to increase production. Contact us today to learn how Emerald Surf Sciences suite of technology and service offerings can be an enhancement to your operations. Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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