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HydroLyft Part C is a proprietary, cross-linked polymer lost circulation material (LCM) that forms a tight, reversible seal against the perf/proppant face.

The Polymer Beads Are:
  1. Soft & pliable yet very durable
  2. Stable up to 400 F
  3. Low density (~0.5 g/ml)
  4. Easy to pump & non-abrasive
  5. Readily breakable to remove seal at the end of the job

Superior Coverage

When compared to other LCM products, Part C requires much less solid material downhole, bu covers a significantly larger surface area per pound of material.

In lab, 4 grams of Part C will grow to 400 mL fully. hydrated. Yet, PLA requires 242 grams of material to cover an equivalent volume.

Superior Seal

Even at its peak concentration, silica fibers remain semipermeable, never forming a complete seal.

PLA requires time for particles to stolen forming a fragile seal.

Only HydroLyft Part C forms a tight, reversible seal against the perf/proppant face.

Superior Ease of Use

Unlike frac diverter & fiber, Part C is easily pumpable & non-abrasive even at high concentrations.

Part C can be 100% solubilized (broken) with oxidizing agents or acid. Salt water will cause beads to shrink, increasing permeability to the breaker & flow from formation.
97.5% Success in Gaining Circulation in ~550 Jobs

Gain Circulation Faster While
Losing Less Fluid to the Formation


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