Core Values

All RheoVest companies share a common vision – to deliver technologically-differentiated and optimized products and services that enhance the efficiency of our customers. The core values of the RheoVest companies are summarized in the acronym C.A.R.E.


We use teamwork to drive optimization and efficiency gains for our customers and for ourselves.  We believe in bringing people together – and we understand the importance of collaboration within our company, with other vendors and with our customers.  Everyone benefits when we work as a team.


We must always be ready and able to change in response to the needs of our customers and the market.  The industry and our customer's needs are always changing; and in order to stay relevant, we will continuously adapt to those changes.  Adaptation is integral to our goal for continuous improvement.  Successful technologies are those that can be appropriately applied to solve a problem or improve an inefficient process in an industry.  We will continue to adapt our business as the markets change, and we will continue to adapt our service practices as we see opportunities to deliver better results.


Recognize opportunities to act in a responsible manner regarding your work assignments, you and your coworkers’ safety, and to meet our customers’ expectations.  A key aspect of being a good teammate is responding to safety concerns to protect yourself and your coworkers from workplace hazards.  When each employee shares responsibility in assessing and identifying high risk tasks performed by employees we can continue to achieve HSE Excellence within our organization. Being Responsible also means living up to the highest standards of fairness, inclusiveness, and diversity by respecting the individuality of every person, whether a co-worker, employee of another company, or member of general public.  Lastly, being Responsible means doing our part to protect the environment through responsible and sustainable engineering, policies, procedures, and practices.  RheoVest has always strived to design our equipment, chemicals, and practices to reduce emissions, conserve water, and reduce waste.  Our core technology tenant, “Optimization and Efficiency” also applies to our ongoing efforts to be an ESG leader among oilfield service providers.


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Being effective means to excel at all aspects of your life and your work assignments.  At RheoVest, we strive for excellence in all we do; and when everyone plays their part on the team, we achieve our highest level of performance.  Whether you work in an administrative role, a field position, or another sales or service role, we can only be truly effective as a team if we all strive daily to be effective as individuals.  So be prepared, become a life-long student of your trade, set high expectations for yourself, and follow through on every aspect of your job.  Being the best at what we do requires that we each of us remains diligent about being effective.

All RheoVest employees are expected to take C.A.R.E. to heart.


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